What can I do on the Celebyte platform?

Celebyte is a platform where you can do one-on-one Video Calls with celebrities and also request celebrities to send personalized Video Messages, Selfies, and buy pre-owned merchandise. You can also ask questions to the celebrities or directly chat with the celebrities through Text Messages.

One-on-One Video Call

For how long can I do Video Call on the Celebyte platform?

You can do a one on one Video Call with the celebrity of your choice for a maximum duration of 5 minutes.

How long will it take to arrange a Video Call with a celebrity?

It will depend on availability of the celebrity. It may take 4-5 days.

Can I extend the duration of the Video Call? Can the celebrity disconnect the call?

This is dependent upon celebrity. They may extend the call based on the conversation/ their availability. However the celebrity has the right to disconnect the call incase of indecent behaviour, use of profanity and disrespect shown during the call.

How will I get connected with celebrities on a Video Call?

Our team will set up the Video Call via the internet post confirmation of the celebrity. You would require a good internet 4G/WIFI connection for a better experience.

How much does it cost for a one on one Video Message?

It depends on the Celebrity.

Video Messages

What occasions can I use Video Messages for?

It could be a birthday/ an anniversary / congratulations / get well / thank you or a romantic message or any event /party when you want a special message from an celebrity. You can also ask a personal question to the celebrities to respond through a Video Message. You could also request for a commercial occasion but pricing will be different for a commercial request.

How long does it take to get me a Video Message from a Celebrity?

Sometimes celebrities respond within 48 hours. But usually takes about 7 working days for a Celebrity to respond.

Can I download my Video Message and share it with my friends?

Yes, you can download the Video Message and share it. You will get a downloadable button when you receive the Video Message. Please read the Terms and Conditions for more details.

How much does it cost for a Video Message?

It depends on the Celebrity.

Can I make changes once my Video Message request is placed?

Yes, there is an edit option for when you want to edit the message.

What is the guarantee that I will get my requested Video Message from the celebrity?

Once the celebrity has accepted your request, the celebrity has committed to send the requested Celebyte to you. But celebrities have the right to modify your request based on their comfort level.

How will I receive the Video Message?

You will receive your Video Message on your provided email Id/ Phone number.

Can I use my Video Message for promotional/commercial purposes?

Yes for all commercial messages ( if you have requested a commercial message), as long it’s not against our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy.

How do I get Video Messages for my Brand/ commercial purpose?

You have to request under the commercial message section. Once the celebrity confirms their willingness,

Why is the watermark present on my Video Message?

It is there to stop the misuse of the Video Message.

Meet & Greet

How does it work ?

Go to the booking page of the celebrity and place your request. Once your request is accepted by the celeb, details about the date, time and venue will be sent to you.

What will be the duration of the meeting?

The meeting will be 30 - 60 mins depending on the availability of the celebrity

Where will the meeting take place?

It will be done in a public place such as a coffee shop (the fan has to come to Mumbai)

Is there a guarantee that I will meet a celebrity?

Yes, our team will ensure that you will get a meeting with the celeb. If we are unable to do so, we would refund the entire amount.

Text message/ Chat with celebrities/ Ask me questions - Direct Line section

How does Text Message work ?

You can choose a celebrity and you can send your text message / questions to the celebrity. Once the celebrity responds, you can come back to your account to see the response from the celebrity.

Is there a guarantee that i will get a text message reply from a celebrity?

NO. But once the celebrity accepts the request you will get a notification.

Can I send photos/ videos to celebrities directly using Text message?


Artists related

What is the kind of business the app can generate for us?

The website www.celebyte.com has 3 ways to generate business :

a.) Chat- Where fans can directly message/chat with the celeb

b.) Video messages- Where the fans request personalized video messages such as a greeting, shoutout, etc in the celebs own unique way.

c.) 1-2-1 Video call - A private video call between the fan and celeb for at least 5 minutes.

The demand is based on popularity, pricing, and promotions.

How to state/fix our charges per wish?

The pricing depends on the artist. Our recommendation would be:-

a.) Rs. 1000/- for a 30-second video message

b.)Rs. 3500/- for a 5-minute videocall

c.) Rs. 100/- for 1 message over chat

These are generic and can vary among various artists.

What is the payment process for the website?

Once the transaction is complete by the user and the artist fulfills the request within 24 hours, the commission is transferred to the artist's account.

Billing and Invoices related

Can I get a GST invoice for my booking?

Yes. You have to provide your GST number under the booking section and download the invoice.

If my request gets rejected then am I eligible for refunds ? Under what circumstances am I eligible for refunds?

If your request is flagged under profanity and rejected then you won’t get a refund. In any other cases of rejection, you will get a refund.


How do I contact the Celebyte team?

You can write us on support@celebyte.com or whatsapp your query on +91 7718933340

Will I be notified once a new celebrity joins the platform?

Yes, we try to keep our users as updated as possible. You will receive a list of celebrities on the email.